• Image of Spice Club Gift Membership
  • Image of Spice Club Gift Membership
  • Image of Spice Club Gift Membership

Give the gift of a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription to the Seven Sisters' Spices monthly Spice Club.

Each month's subscription box is different, allowing the receiver to develop their repertoire of expertise with spices! And each month will roam around various regions, giving them spices for dishes delicious if served together but equally tasty if made individually with other accompaniments that they may prefer.

As with all Seven Sisters’ Spices larder products, the majority of the ingredients are organic and fair trade. All the packaging is fully recyclable or biodegradable, even down to our labels.

As a temporary member your gift recipient will receive a monthly parcel of 4 sets of spices to make between 4 & 6 different dishes, with full recipe cards for each dish. Let me know when ordering when you would like the subscription to begin and if you would like to receive the first box yourself to give in person, or if you would prefer it be sent directly to the gifted subscriber. The first months box will come with a voucher explaining the nature of the club and the length of their subscription.

If you are interested in doing the Seven Sisters' Spices Monthly Spice Club as a regular member, visit the main website for details www.sevensistersspices.com.

The cost of each subscription includes postage and packaging.